Valve Nut Repair Tools and Valve Accessories

Bain Enterprises has the equipment that makes valve maintenance and utility work easier and more efficient. Choose from a range of valve accessories that improve access and speed up repairs.

Whether you’re looking for valve nut repair tools, magnetic lift assistance or another innovative valve repair accessory, you’ll find it with Bain. Contact us to request a demo or learn more about our supplies for water and electrical utility repair.


Valve Nut Repair Tools and Valve Accessories

Valve Nut Rx

Easily remove and replace worn or corroded valve nuts with Valve Nut Rx. Valve Nut Rx is a complete replacement kit that comes with everything you need to increase the life of your valves, including extractor and installer tools, drill and tap set, stainless steel nuts, sockets, and more.

Learn more about Valve Nut Rx.

True Grit Curb Box Alignment System

With the Curb Box Alignment System from True Grit Innovation LLC, you can guarantee that your underground water valves are centered properly. This cost-effective adapter makes it simple to ensure center alignment of curb valve boxes.

Kerf Cutter

For broken valve boxes, repairs are quick and easy with the Kerf Cutter, a handheld tool that allows you to remove the top of the valve box and replace it with a new one that is level with the pavement. Repairs can be completed in minutes, not hours, with the Kerf Cutter kit. The kit includes:

  • Lightweight 110v/15-amp Bosch motor
  • Cutoff wheels in three sizes
  • Asphalt/concrete grinding wheel
  • Puller
  • Basket and ring for uniform cuts
  • 2-foot cut gauge
  • Valve Box Plug

    Keep valves clean during maintenance with the Valve Box Plug. This pipe plug is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam and fits standard valve boxes, protecting them from wayward dirt and debris. High-viz, braided, heat-welded rope handle ensures easy removal, while the slightly tapered design makes for a snug fit. The Valve Box Plug will not absorb water and resists rot, oil, gas, mildew, and most chemicals.

    Magswitch Extendalift

    Quickly and easily move hot, dirty, or sharp valve boxes with the Magswitch ExtendaLift. This magnetic lifter allows you to comfortably stand to remove lids and valve boxes, no bending required. The ExtendaLift has 600-1,000 lbs of hold force, with a safety lock that holds lids and boxes in place to prevent injury. Enjoy freedom from electricity with this magnetic lifter, ideal for municipalities and utilities.