Lights and Beacons

Keep drivers and operators alert with barricade lights and beacons from Dicke Safety Products. We offer a range of lights and lamps, including rechargeable and solar-powered versions, so you can find the right light for your worksite.

From cone-mounted lights to sequential models, we have the right products to guide drivers and keep workers safe.


Available Lights and Beacons

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A combination of D-cell battery and photocell technology, the AC4D LED light provides extra intensity. Switch flashing modes in an instant and turn on and off with a built-in light sensor. Available in multiple colors.

  • AC4D
  • Yellow body, amber lens
  • AC4D-RL
  • Yellow body, red lens
  • AC4D-BK
  • Black body, amber lens
  • AC4D-GR
  • Green body, amber lens
  • AC4D-BL
  • Blue body, amber lens
  • AC4D-OR
  • Orange body, amber lens

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    AC4DSL-NL Solar D-Cell LED

    This light operates on D-cell batteries, solar cells, or both, exceeding ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications with option to self-certify for NCHRP-350 crash test standards. Photocell turns on and off and dawn and dusk, with three flashing modes: flash, steady burn and off.

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    TrafiLITE 6-volt LED

    Bright LED light is powered by 6-volt lantern batteries, with automatic on-off photocell. Three flashing modes (steady, flashing, off) and on-off keys included.

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    B4DH High Intensity D-Cell

    Battery-powered light with included visor eliminates glare, with 50% dim function for extended battery life. Exceeds ITE and MUTCD standards.

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    B4DH-SL Solar High Intensity D-Cell

    The solar option of the B4DH includes glare-reducing visor and 5-year, maintenance-free operational life and can be combined with D-cell battery power. Exceeds ITE and MUTCD standards.

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    WSCD SynchroGUIDE 6-volt Sequential Barricade Light

    Sequential 10-light series guides motorists from one lane to another using wireless signal transmission. Operates on 6-volt batteries in steady-burn or pulse mode.

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    Pro-B-LITE Rechargeable Sequential Barricade Light

    These rechargeable sequential lights include a charging base and 12v plug adapter, storing easily in a trunk. Channelizing sequence guides traffic smoothly and gradually. Available in sets of 5.

  • Complete set with amber lens
  • Complete set with blue lens
  • Complete set with red lens
  • Replacement charging base

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    UniLAMP 6-volt 360

    Cone-mount lamp is powered by a 6-volt battery and available in two flashing versions and two lens versions: With and without photocell, and amber or red lenses.

  • UCW6N
  • Amber lens, no photo cell
  • UCW6N-R
  • Red lens, no photo cell
  • UCW6S
  • Amber lens with photo cell
  • UCW6S-R
  • Red lens with photo cell

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    Vehicle Beacons - Amber

    Tested for up to 160 mph, vehicle-mount beacons are available in Xenon (double flash) or Halogen (rotating) lamps. Choose from permanent mount or magnetic mount, with plug adapter or permanently wired.

  • MiniBEACON, Xenon tube lamp, magnetic base, plug adapter
  • TrafiBEACON, Halogen rotating lamp, single-bolt mount, wired power
  • TrafiBEACON, Halogen rotating lamp, magnetic base, plug adapter
  • Xenon BEACON, Xenon double-flash lamp, single-bolt mount, wired power
  • Xenon BEACON, Xenon double-flash lamp, magnetic base, plug adapter

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    Pro-B-CB Cone Bracket for Barricade Lights

    This all-plastic mounting bracket allows you to mount existing standard barricade lights to traffic cones — just mount the light to the bracket and drop onto the cone.

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    Cone Light

    This LED light features a light-sensing photocell and is powered by a 6-volt lantern battery. Available in two models: flashing or steady.

  • Flashing light
  • Steady light