Damaged Nut Removal and Replacement

It’s a fact of field operations that equipment and assets can get worn down, damaged, and even fall into disrepair. At Bain Enterprises, we offer solutions that shield your budget from expensive replacements while also meeting performance requirements.

For example, when a valve nut has been rounded off or is missing altogether, you don’t need to replace the whole valve. Save money and just replace the valve nut with Valve Nut Rx.


Valve Nut Rx

Valve Nut Rx is a valve replacement system that allows you to remove old, corroded, missing, and worn valve nuts and replace them with stainless steel operating nuts, which will increase the life of the valve. With Valve Nut Rx, you can avoid costly service shutdowns and complete valve replacements.

Valve Nut Rx Replacement Kit

• 7 ft. extractor tool
• Battery operated drill and tap set with hardware.
• 7 ft. Installation tool arm
• Toolbox and storage container
• Emergency Stainless steel operating nuts (10)
• Nut sizing template
• Extracting socket set
• Deep well socket set (with sleeves)
• Chaser kit
• A wide variety of accessory products to complete installation.