Traffic Drums, Cones & Channelizers

Traffic cones, drums, and channelizers are essential for any roadway construction project. Easily change the flow of traffic or block off areas with highly visible products. You won’t have to worry about damage from vehicle impact either. Most of the work zone safety products that we offer are made of incredibly durable materials.

Bain Enterprises is a leader in traffic control equipment. We carry multiple varieties of work zone safety products, including traffic cones, drums, and channelizers, to help you keep your work zone safe. Contact us to request a quote.


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Traffic Cones

Through our partnership with a wide variety of manufacturers, we’re able to offer a variety of traffic cones to satisfy any construction project need. Features include: a broad, stable base; superior performance in freezing winters and hot summers; non-skidding base; quick release stacking design; slim design to save space and hold up to winds; anti-fade, fluorescent orange color; and more.

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Traffic Drums

Work zone traffic drums are durable, cost effective, and easy to set up and take down. The bases securely lock on to the drum and tightly hug road surfaces to stay in place. Drum features include rounded ergonomic handles, recessed reflective band tiers, double light mounts, and reshaping technology.

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Our channelizers are incredibly durable. They can stand up to any climate conditions, and its memory material ensures it won’t be warped or damaged after vehicle impact. Their slim design allows for compact delineation for construction projects and detours. Channelizer features include fracture-resistant handles, locking base, maximum visibility, efficient stacking, easy transport, and optional signs and lights.