Construction Arrowboards

Arrowboards play an essential role in any roadway construction project. When a lane or roadway is closed and traffic begins to merge, arrowboards provide the advanced warning and directional signal drivers need to keep your crew safe on the job.

Bain Enterprises is a leader in traffic control equipment . We offer multiple varieties of Ver-Mac arrowboards to help keep your work zone safe, including trailer-mounted arrowboards, which are available for rent, and vehicle-mounted and skid-mounted, which are available for sale. Contact us to request a quote.


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Trailer-Mounted Arrowboards

Our trailer-mounted arrowboards combine an energy-efficient design with quality construction. The LED lights provide clear visibility night and day. Plus, Ver-Mac’s exclusive Stealth Technology eliminates two of the industry’s biggest challenges: battery maintenance and battery theft.

For Sale

Vehicle-Mounted Arrowboards

The Ver-Mac vehicle-mounted arrowboards offer versatility for your fleet with a variety of mounting options to meet your vehicle needs. The cigarette plug wireless V-Touch controller reduces your installation time and costs.

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Skid-Mounted Arrowboards

With the ability to be installed in either your work zone or attenuator truck bed, our Ver-Mac skid-mounted arrowboards are both solar and battery powered. They include a wireless V-Touch AB controller.