Crimping and Cutting Tools

At Bain Enterprises, we provide the tools you need to get the job done right. Our selection of hydraulic crimping and cutting tools by Cembre and Stanley offer high quality, reliability, and and performance. We support municipal and utility customers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Western Pennsylvania in all manner of maintenance and utility applications.

Whether you’re looking for one particular tool or a whole suite including fittings and accessories, we’re happy to provide free demonstrations to help you select the best tool for the job. Our expert specialists can assess your project and recommend the right products to keep you within budget. 


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Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Safely and quickly execute efficient cuts using our battery-powered hydraulic cutting tools, ideal for mobile applications.

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Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Make quick, secure connections using professional, hydraulic crimping tools for electrical connectors. We offer a variety of sizes and fittings for your needs.

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Handheld Hydraulic Cutting Tools

Easily cut through guy wire and steel rod with handheld hydraulic cutting tools with double speed action. Heat treated steel blades ensure a long service life, too.

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Portable Battery Hydraulic Pumps

Go anywhere with a radio-controlled, battery-powered hydraulic pump. Operate from a safe distance with the perfect amount of flow.