Stop/Slow Paddles

Easily control traffic flow through your roadway construction projects with the use of stop/slow paddles. As a leader in traffic control equipment, Bain Enterprises carries two types: roll-up and rigid stop/slow paddles.

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Roll-Up Stop/Slow Paddles

These full-size paddles from Dicke are compact, lightweight and easy to store. Each kit comes with a double-sided roll-up sign face, handle and storage bag. Signs are available in reflective and non-reflective materials in 18- and 24-inch sizes. Handles are 6-7 feet tall from the bottom of the sign to the ground and either come in three pieces that snap together or are telescopic.

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Rigid Stop/Slow Paddles

Rigid plastic or aluminum stop/slow paddles are available in two sizes: 18” and 24”. You can also choose from reflective or non-reflective surfaces. Dicke paddles feature a unique snap-together handle design.