Variable Message Signs

Improve traffic flow and safety during your next road or highway construction project with variable message signs. These portable and changeable displays provide motorists with the roadside information and warnings they need, whether it’s a road closure, detour or work zone advisory.

At Bain Enterprises, we carry variable message signs available for your next project. Contact us for a quote.


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Trailer-Mounted Message Signs

We offer a variety of Ver-Mac trailer-mounted variable message signs: three-line displays, which provide three lines of text with eight characters per line; and full-matrix displays, which provide a minimum of three lines of text with eight characters per line, plus graphics and symbols.

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Trailer- Mounted Message Signs (Mini)

We also carry the Ver-Mac Mini Size Full-Matrix Portable Changeable Message Sign. Offering flexibility and durability, its compact size is ideal for urban areas, school zones and low speed roadways.