Portable Valve Systems

Easily keep up with valve exercising tasks with portable valve systems from Bain Enterprises. We offer powered, handheld valve exercisers that can help you increase productivity or turn valves quickly in an emergency. Lightweight and effective, portable valve products keep your operators safe and working efficiently.

Reach out to our valve specialists to find out how Bain Enterprises portable valve systems can help meet your needs as well as your budget.


Available Portable Valve Systems

We offer a variety of handheld valve operating tools at Bain Enterprises to make valve mainte-nance simple and fast. Choose from powered handheld exercisers and operating tools to speed up your valve maintenance tasks while reducing strain on your operators.
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P-2 (Pow-R-Drive 2) Handheld Exerciser by Wachs Utility Products

  • Available in electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic drive
  • High speed or high torque models
  • Operate valves 6” (154mm) and up
  • Lightweight but rugged construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Fingertip control is convenient and simple
  • Compatible with our Vitals software
  • Precisely control torque
  • Universal hand wheel adapter also available
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    RS-2 (Rising Stem) Handheld Exerciser by Wachs Utility Products

  • Available in hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive
  • Operates both rising and non-rising stem valves
  • Operate valves from 6”-60” (152.4mm-1,524mm)
  • Mount to hand wheel using universal adapter
  • Variable speed control with forward and backward operation
  • 55rpm high-speed operation
  • 800 lb-ft of torque
  • Other adapters available
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    Hydrant Buddy by Hydroverge

  • Lightweight, powerful valve operation tool
  • Milwaukee industrial motor
  • Cordless operation
  • Variable speed up to 400 ft-lbs
  • Long-lasting battery power
  • 6-piece tool kit included
  • Weighs just 23 lb — eases body strain on operators