Power Cutters

Tackle your toughest cut with speed and precision with a power cutter from Bain Enterprises. We carry pneumatic, hydraulic and gas power cutters from ISC Diamond Tools and Equipment. These power cutters offer fast speeds, exceptional strength and outstanding performance to cut through deep concrete, brick, ductile iron and cast-iron pipes without kickback. 

At Bain Enterprises, we’re a leader in quality power cutters and pipe saw cutting equipment for utility contractors throughout Ohio. We provide the tools you need to complete your project efficiently and safely. Contact our product specialists to request a free demonstration. 


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Gas Power Cutters

ICS gas power cutters offer an easy-to-start engine, along with an extended-lifespan muffler and new piston and cylinder to lower the engine temperature. Gas power cutters a utility tool staple among concrete professionals.

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Pneumatic Power Cutters

ICS pneumatic power cutters offer strength and unique versatility without producing any gas or engine fumes, making them idea for indoor construction jobs. They offer high torque, so you can make the challenging cut your pipe material demands.

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Hydraulic Power Cutters

ICS hydraulic power cutters allow operators to gain better access to their cuts with less excavation. Designed for heavy use, these power cutters provide optimal performance and improved cutting capability. We carry lightweight, portable options that still pack the power needed for big jobs.