Pipe Saws

Cold cut steel, ductile and cast-iron pipe with one of the most dependable pipe saws in the market. While traditional pipe saws bind under compressive loads, Wachs Diamond Wire Guillotine pipe saws from Bain Enterprises offer a safe, steady cut.

Our pipe saws can be mounted for horizontal or vertical cuts. As a leader in utility tooling, we carry an extensive line of Guillotine pipe saws, so you can find the right saw to fit your needs, whether you’re cold cutting pipe, bar stock, rails or beams. Contact us to request a free demonstration.


Diamond Wire Guillotine Pipe Saws

Our Diamond Wire Guillotine Pipe Saws from Wachs Utility Products offer extreme strength and durability contained within a lightweight design for simple setup and one-person operation. Both models pack the power of diamond wire to easily saw through reinforced concrete pipe.

Diamond Wire Guillotine 208 Utility Pipe Saw

Featuring a new rigid collapsible design, the Diamond Wire Guillotine 208 allows for quick, safe, dependable operation. The 208 model quickly and safely cuts through pipe between 2-8 inches and bar up to 9.6 inches in diameter, even live mains and underwater pipes fully submerged. It offers versatility in the field, with the ability to mount vertically or horizontally.

Diamond Wire Guillotine 416 Utility Pipe Saw

The Diamond Wire Guillotine 416 model clean cuts pipe between 4-16 inches. Designed for operator safety, the pipe saw prevents any uncontrolled movement. With only the diamond wire cutting the pipe, binding is never an issue with compressive loads.

Guillotine Reciprocating Pipe Saws

When you need a fast but safe cut, Guillotine Reciprocating Pipe Saws are the solution. These pipe saws from Wachs Utility Products cold cut pipe, bar stock, rails and beams between 2 inches and 32 inches. Their compact, lightweight design is simple to mount and operate, but carries a powerful, clean cut.

Guillotine Reciprocating Pipe Saws

  • Durable construction
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic options available
  • Multiple models available to cut between 2-24-inch pipe and bar