Diamond Chains

Construction and utility professionals know that to cut through thick, heavy pipe you need an even tougher chain. That’s why at Bain Enterprises, we carry diamond chains from ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment. These diamond chains allow operators to cut through a wide variety of common utility pipe materials including ductile iron, cast iron and concrete. They bring the strength and durability you need on the job, along with exceptional cutting speed and extended life span.

Find the best diamond chain for your pipe saw or power cutter by contacting our product specialists. We’ll help you find the size and style you need to meet your next utility pipe cutting challenge. 


Available Power Cutter Diamond Chains

We carry multiple diamond chain styles for gas, hydraulic and pneumatic power cutters. These chains are equipped with ICS’s patented technology to provide extended diamond life and reduce the chain stretch.
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FORCE3® Series Diamond Chains

  • Designed for general applications with gas power cutters
  • Available in standard, brick and premium
  • Uses laser-welded patented chain chassis
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    FORCE4® Series Diamond Chains

  • Strongest, longest-lasting diamond chain ever made
  • Available in five different configurations
  • Designed for use with hydraulic or gas-powered saws
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    PowerGrit® XL Pipe Cutting Chain

  • Improved diamond coating formulation
  • Designed for optimal cutting performance
  • Faster cut times in plastic pipe applications
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    PowerGrit® Pipe Cutting Chain

  • Offers better operator control
  • Provides better access to the cut with less excavation
  • Improves safety on the job