Subsurface Instruments

Sweep and identify stakes, well casings, drums, and other underground metal objects with durable, easy-to-use magnetic locators that are made in the USA. These monotube-style magnetic detectors from Subsurface Instruments are ideal for water/sewer utility work as well as surveying and military applications. Perfect for one-handed use, our underground magnetic locators are available with carrying cases and spare batteries, too.


Subsurface Instruments


The ML-1 magnetic locator is an industry standard, offering superior structural integrity. The length of the monotube-style construction is crafted in aircraft-grade aluminum, while the electronics are encased in a molded ABS housing. With just three buttons, the ML-1 is easy to learn, too, and offers a minimum of 40 hours battery life.


Offering the same style and construction as the ML-1, the ML-1M is an all-inclusive magnetic locator that is metered, giving you more features and flexibility without additional complexity. See positive or negative polarity, adjust sensitivity, scroll through settings and more, without a learning curve from the ML-1. And just like the ML-1, it weighs in at less than two pounds — battery included.

ML-3 Long (55”)

For 100% waterproof, IP68-certified operation, the ML-3 Long (55”) provides outstanding performance in the longest tube-style detector on the market.

Built with unparalleled accuracy, the ML-3 Long can pinpoint metal articles in up to 8 feet of water and in any kind of weather, and allows you to zero out ambient metallic signal, too.

ML-3S (40”)

Looking for a lightweight, ergonomic magnetic detector that’s waterproof, too? The ML-3S Short is 40” long, providing the perfect fit and grip to suit surveyor preference while offering outstanding detection accuracy. IP68 certified up to 250 feet, the ML-3S has an easy-to-use four-button keypad and varying pitch audio signal mode as well.