Hydraulic Pumps

Pure hydraulic power — that’s what Stanley pumps from Bain can deliver. Whether you’re looking for high-performance submersible sump pumps or high-capacity hydraulic trash pumps, you’ll find it with Bain.

Our hydraulic pumps can run dry with no damage and offer impressive flow range and discharge capacities. See how a Stanley hydraulic pump can fit your needs. Contact us for a free demonstration.


Submersible Pumps

Submersible sump pumps from Stanley Infrastructure are compact but powerful, discharging from 250 up to an impressive 500 gallons per minute depending on model. Submersible without priming, these pumps deliver 4-9 gpm operating range with 3/8 in. strainers.
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Stanley SM20

Available with steel or urethane impeller, the SM20 can output 250 gpm with a 2.5 in. discharge.

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Stanley SM21

The SM21 uses a steel impeller for 300 gpm output with a 2.5 in. discharge.

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Stanley SM50

The powerful SM50 puts out 500 gmp using a 3 in. discharge and a steel impeller.

Trash Pumps

Designed to handle solids with ease, Stanley trash pumps move water and debris with a convenient, submersible hydraulic pump. Available in two models for up to 800 gpm of discharge capacity.

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Stanley TP03

The lightweight TP03 uses a urethane impeller to provide 450 gpm of output with a 3 in. discharge. Quick disconnect couplers make moving the unit simple.

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Stanley TP08

The TP08 moves up to 800 gpm with a steel bowl and cast iron impeller. The TP08 can handle up to 4 in. In diameter.