Hydraulic Power Units

Keep your hydraulic tools operating reliably with power packs that deliver optimum flow rate and pressure. Reliable and efficient, power units from Bain Enterprises can actively manage temperatures and provide heat rejection for longer tool runtimes.

Our power units provide peak performance all day long and in all types of weather, delivering reliable power without interruption. Comfortable handles and durable tires make our hydraulic power units a breeze to use, too, regardless of site conditions.


Single Circuit Power Units

Single circuit power units by Stanley provide optimum flow with air-to-oil cooling, so you get both the power and the heat rejection you need to work reliably all day long.
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The Stanley HP8’s powerful 18 HP Briggs & Stratton engine is designed for continuous use, making this unit a true workhorse. Easily change flow rates with the intuitive throttle selector for the right flow to Type 1 and Type 2 tools.

Twin Circuit Power Units

Twin circuit power units let you operate two tools simultaneously, for maximum efficiency.

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HP 28 Twin Hydraulic Power Unit

Double your capacity with a Stanley HP 28 Twin Hydraulic Power Unit. The HP 28 can power two tools at 8 GPM at the same time, providing incredible versatility like never before. With its two-circuit system, the HP 28 can deliver ideal flow to Type 1 and Type 2 hydraulic tools.