Hydrant Savers

It’s not necessary to dig up and remove old, nonfunctioning fire hydrants. Hydrant savers use hydraulic power for simple valve seat removal that doesn’t require excavation.

Easily remove seized fire hydrant valve seats without replacing the hydrant. Bain Enterprises carries Hydrant Savers that let you reclaim hydrants, for an environmentally friendly solution. Contact us to learn more.


Hydrant Savers

Stanley Hydrant Saver

The Hydrant Saver from Stanley Hydraulic Tools can use the IW4 Impact Wrench to power the unseating of hydrant valves. Valve seats are removed in minutes.

Choose from a 6 ½-foot power tube kit for Southern hydrants, or an 8-foot power tube kit for Northern hydrants. Each kit also includes 1 ½-foot extension, seat alignment starter wrench, Mueller 5 ¼-inch socket, and pins.

  • No more hydrant replacement
  • Service hydrants that are blocked by walls or other obstructions
  • Works great on seized valve seats
  • Safe and effective
  • Saves hard-to-recycle materials from landfill