Handheld Hydraulic Breakers

When you’ve got a heavy-duty concrete job, nothing beats hydraulic breakers. With low noise and vibration and no exhaust, handheld hydraulic breakers are the ideal choice even in wet or freezing conditions.

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Handheld Hydraulic Breakers


Best for 2-6” concrete operations, the 40-50 lb class breakers from Stanley are available in range of shank and hex sizes and T-handle or anti-vibration handle.


The 70-lb class of hydraulic breakers from Stanley are suited for 6-8” of concrete operations. Choose the EZ Ride foot for added security over broken concrete.

BR 87

Stanley’s 80-lb class of handheld hydraulic breakers can tackle up to 9” of concrete operations, and, unlike pneumatic competitors, feature quieter operation and no exhaust.