Roll-Up Signs

Roll-up traffic signs are simple and easy to use, transport, and store. We offer roll up construction signs in 36” x 36” size and 48” x 48” size. Choose from reflective or non-reflective vinyl and vinyl mesh and see how they fit snugly into sturdy sign stands using corner pockets. We carry a wide variety of standard traffic legends, plus convenient overlays so you can change directional instructions as needed.

At Bain Enterprises, we help contractors and municipalities find the right equipment to keep their worksites safe and traffic rolling smoothly. With our wide range of roll up signs, stands, and frames, you can get exactly what you need. Contact our traffic control specialists for assistance in choosing the best setup for your project or request a quote.


Standard Construction Sign Legends

Available in Sizes 36" × 36" or 48" × 48"
2 Left Lanes Closed Ahead Low Shoulder
2 Right Lanes Closed Ahead Men Working (Symbol)
Accident Ahead Men Working (Words)
Arrow - Added Lane (Symbol) - 45 degree Arrows Mowers Ahead
Arrow - Added Lane (Symbol) - Vertical Arrows Mowing Ahead
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Left Narrow Bridge
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Left (2 lanes) New Traffic Pattern Ahead
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Left (3 lanes) No Center Line
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Right No Shoulder
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Right (2 lanes) One Lane Bridge
Arrow - Dbl Reverse Curve Right (3 lanes) One Lane Road Ahead
Arrow - Left Curve Arrow Pavement Ends
Arrow - Left Turn Arrow Prepare To Stop
Arrow - Merging Traffic (Symbol) - 45 degree Arrow Ramp Closed
Arrow - Merging Traffic (Symbol) - Vertical Arrows Ramp Closed Ahead
Arrow - Reverse Curve Left Arrow Ramp Narrows
Arrow - Reverse Curve Left Arrows (2 lanes) Reduced Speed Limit Ahead (Symbol) w/Arrow
Arrow - Reverse Curve Left Arrows (3 lanes) XX MPH Speed Zone Ahead (words)
Arrow - Reverse Curve Right Arrow Right Lane Closed *
Arrow - Reverse Curve Right Arrows (2 lanes) Right Lane Closed Ahead *
Arrow - Reverse Curve Right Arrows (3 lanes) Right Lane Closed XXXXX
Arrow - Reverse Turn Left Arrow Right Lane Ends
Arrow - Reverse Turn Right Arrow Right Shoulder Closed
Arrow - Right Curve Arrow Right Shoulder Closed XXXXX
Arrow - Right Turn Arrow Road Closed Ahead *
Arrow - Two Way Traffic Arrows Road Construction Ahead *
Be Prepared To Stop Road Machinery Ahead
Blank w/Border Only Road May Flood
Blasting Zone Ahead Road Narrows
Bump Road Work Ahead *
Center Lane Closed Ahead * Rough Road
Center Lane Closed XXXXX * Shoulder Closed
Construction Ahead Shoulder Closed Ahead
Crew Working In Trees Shoulder Drop Off (Symbol)
Detour Ahead * Shoulder Ends
Dip Shoulder Work
DUI Checkpoint Ahead Shoulder Work Ahead
Emergency Scene Ahead Signal Ahead (Symbol) w/Arrow (3-color traffic light)
End Road Work 48"x24" Signal Work Ahead
End Utility Work 48"x24" Single Lane Ahead
Fallen Rocks Slow
Fire Scene Ahead Soft Shoulder
Flagger (word) Steel Plate Ahead
Flagger Ahead (Symbol) w/Flag Stop Ahead (Symbol) w/Arrow (Stop Sign Red)
Flagger Ahead (Symbol) w/Paddle Street Closed Ahead
Flagger Ahead (Words) Street Work Ahead
Fresh Oil Survey Crew
Grooved Pavement Survey Crew Ahead
Incident Ahead Transition (Symbol) Left (Lane Ends)
Lane Closed Transition (Symbol) Right (Lane Ends)
Lane Ends Merge Left Transition (Symbol) w/Overlay (Lane Ends L & R)
Lane Ends Merge Right Tree Work Ahead
Left Lane Closed * Truck Crossing
Left Lane Closed Ahead * Uneven Lanes
Left Lane Closed XXXXX Utility Work Ahead *
Left Lane Ends Work Area Ahead
Left Shoulder Closed Workers Ahead
Left Shoulder Closed XXXXX Yield Ahead (Symbol) w/Arrow (yield sign red)
Loose Gravel
* Standard with Velcro around the word "RIGHT" and / or the word "AHEAD" for overlaying application.
Due to the variety of sign styles, sizes & materials offered, "Standard Legend" inventory may vary by season & item.