Outdoor Sign Stands

Easily move and change signs for your traffic control project with outdoor sign stands. These portable sign stands hold up well in wind and traffic and resist corrosion. Choose from a variety of styles including solid bases or adjustable legs.

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Outdoor Sign Stands

Zephyr Sign Stands

Zephyr portable sign stands are crafted of a recycled rubber base that is compatible with 36” or 48” roll-up signs. The simple fold-out design is easy to use and transport.

TrafFix Sign Stands

TrafFix portable sign stands are tip-resistant and feature three unique “Step and Drop” legs that fold out and lock in place. TrafFix sign stands are fast to set up and adjustable for any terrain.

Phoenix Sign Stands

Phoenix portable sign stands feature a recycled rubber base that nests easily when not in use. Quickly set up and release standard signs or customize with barricade lights and flags.

Tri-Buster Sign Stands

TrafFix Tri-Buster sign stands are compact, economical, and durable. The tri-pod design, made of square tubing, is stable in windy conditions, especially when using the optional ballasting hook.