Prevent Accidents with Traffic Control Equipment

Imagine a roadway without traffic control equipment: just a smooth expanse of black asphalt. Now imagine thousands of vehicles attempting to navigate their way to their next destination without clear guidance as to which vehicles belong where, what hazards may be coming up, and even who has the right-of-way. Thousands of pounds of steel and metal hurtling through space? That’s not only a recipe for disaster, but it would almost certainly result in dangerous accidents.

Traffic control equipment is the magic wand that turns a tumultuous knot of chaos into orderly traffic. More importantly, traffic control equipment saves lives.

You can implement order and prevent accidents with traffic control equipment from Bain Enterprises. We offer traffic control safety equipment that protects both drivers and pedestrians on the road. Learn why the right traffic control equipment makes an important difference in preventing accidents on the road and in work zones.

Why Road Safety Is Important

During road construction and improvement projects, the disruption of established traffic patterns can cause confusion, leading drivers to make mistakes. Crashes and accidents are the inevitable result. More than 115,000 crashes1 occur each year, according to the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse. And as many as 39,000 of those involved injury to drivers, passengers, or pedestrians.

What’s more, U.S. work zone fatalities have been steadily increasing over the last decade, with 842 deaths2 in 2019 (up from 586 in 2010).

While some accidents and fatalities in construction zones are the result of non-traffic causes, such as construction-truck backups, those account for a fraction of the overall number. The real cause of work zone accidents is the traffic itself.

With hundreds of lives at stake, it’s clear that taking action to improve safety starts with traffic control safety equipment.

How Traffic Control Safety Equipment Helps

Traffic control equipment protects the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and workers in traffic, road work, and construction situations, whether municipal road work or private and commercial roads and parking facilities.

Used properly, traffic control equipment establishes order, provides clear direction, enhances visibility, and reinforces the proper flow of traffic.

With speeds reduced by traffic controls, the crashes that do occur are likely to be less severe than they would be at higher speeds, which can reduce injury as well, even leading to fewer deaths.

And with the flow of traffic restored, gridlock is reduced, which keeps vehicles moving and avoids jams that impede the free flow of customers, residents, workers, or any other groups of people.

The best traffic control safety equipment can be adapted to changing conditions and is portable and durable enough for long-term use or multiple different projects. Different types of products fulfill different needs in terms of directing traffic and providing information to drivers, but they all work together for a safer environment.

Channelizers and Drums

When you picture traffic control equipment, does an orange traffic cone come to mind? Traffic cones, channelizers, drums, and barricades are simple ways to establish traffic lanes, block off restricted access areas, and prevent drivers from traveling the wrong way. Lights and beacons can be added to these devices for enhanced visibility in all manner of weather conditions.

Digital Signs and Arrow Boards

Variable-message signs, arrow boards, and speed trailers offer customizable messaging and real-time information for drivers. This can be an invaluable tool in directing traffic, reducing confusion and congestion, and rerouting drivers. Speed trailers, especially, give drivers a warning, a visual indication of their speed, and remind them to travel at safer speeds — which can have a profound impact on work zone safety.


Whether temporary or permanent, signage indicates important messages for drivers to heed on the road. From speed limit signs to customizable signs and even including stop-go paddles for single-lane situations, signage is a useful tool in most situations for improving safety and preventing accidents.

Worker Safety Apparel

As with lighted beacons, the right worker safety apparel improves visibility. This helps to ensure worker safety, because drivers (and other workers) will be better able to notice the presence of the worker and ensure they can avoid striking them. Plus, the proper safety apparel is required by regulations including state Departments of Transportation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, so it’s a non-negotiable component of increasing safety.

Your Traffic Safety Partner

At Bain, you receive the best variety of quality, reliable traffic control equipment that helps you keep drivers, workers, and pedestrians safe on the road. We offer fast, convenient delivery along with in-person training, so you can do the job right. Contact us today and talk to an experienced traffic safety specialist to place an order or request a quote.