Bain Enterprises Is Now an Official InfraMap Software Reseller

Bain Enterprises is proud to announce its new partnership with InfraMap as a certified reseller of the powerful InfraMap utility mapping software.

InfraMap is a longtime provider of utility mapping services. Its Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and Utility Infrastructure Mapping help designers get the complete picture of all utilities on a given project — even those that aren’t shown on records.

With InfraMap, field crews can locate and operate utility infrastructure assets without losing time and money to unmapped locations.

How InfraMap Works

This asset management program is based on the Esri ArcGIS Engine, which enables it to integrate GIS data collection for an up-to-date view of a utility system’s status. This software assists crews in mapping and field verifying utility assets for use in transportation, utility, road work, and other projects. InfraMap serves clients in a range of industries:

  • Public Works
  • Water Resources and Wastewater
  • Electric and Gas
  • Forestry
  • Pipelines

By integrating GPS positioning and GIS data, InfraMap allows field crews to locate, identify, map, and operate various assets with ease.

Available for both desktop and mobile, InfraMap software has been used by field personnel for over 20 years and has been refined to be the most user-friendly tool available for field crews.

Benefits of InfraMap

With InfraMap, you can eliminate change orders and redesigns due to unexpected conflicts with existing infrastructure and utilities, saving time as well as money. That’s because InfraMap provides a correct, up-to-date map of all existing utilities within a project.

Speed up the design phase, too, thanks to InfraMap’s reliable data. With a clear picture of existing utilities, you can avoid costly relocations later. And since InfraMap’s data includes the ownership and precise location of all utilities, if they are required, relocations can be quickly configured directly with the owners.

Even missing or unrecorded utility systems are logged with InfraMap, so your team has all of the information they need — with no budget-busting surprises lurking beneath the surface.

Your project can see significant cost savings while staying on track and on time thanks to InfraMap’s data and interactivity.

How to Buy InfraMap

As an authorized InfraMap reseller, Bain Enterprises provides complete software packages for desktop and mobile. Contact us to request a quote or arrange a demo today.